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CEO’s & Owner’s Vision for Commonwealth Clients

My team and I are driven to help Corporate America receive their greatest benefit and service experience from leasing with us. We feel business is the most powerful way to share one’s innovative skills and evolve our communities and the planet as whole. In tech years, 2010 was eons ago. Just one decade ago, we wore analog watches, had landline phones, hung out in bookstores and even hailed taxis. I think this decade has proven that progress is relentless. We want to help drive innovation in businesses, through entrepreneurs driving Corporate America.

We guide established businesses whose primary goals are managing their operational expenses and increasing their profits for their stakeholders. Do you pay your employees 3 years in advance? Why should you do that with your business equipment? When acquiring needed capital equipment – pay only for the “use” of that equipment vs. the “ownership” of the nuts and bolts. This equipment will grow obsolete over time and, since 1978, we have been providing that capital equipment funding for Corporate America. Each year, American businesses invest trillions of dollars in capital equipment spending. This translates into our mission of helping companies keep their cash flow for their businesses.

Through our leasing program, we guide businesses to recognize the benefits of keeping their cash flow for their core businesses. Our clients are our primary focus. Our focus is insuring that they have the best education, support, guidance and customer experience possible. We offer tailored and customized approaches with our leasing programs.

Our team collaborates on each client – they are all focusing on each one of our clients, as they collaborate weekly to discuss client goals, challenges and to brainstorm on solutions. Our team is on top of the ever-changing equipment market trends, industry pain points and how it affects the business climate.

My focus and commitment, as I place innovation and strategy at the top of my list, is to provide a ‘best in class’ experience for each client and to empower them through information, service and guidance. We recognize that information increases their efficiencies and expands capabilities, which empowers their business.

Commonwealth has received recognition, by many industries, for our commitment and loyalty to the business community and their needs. Our core values are to discover the deeper why that inspires us to give all every day; deliver best support, honor our work and to always be a catalyst for your ongoing corporate growth.

Join me on this incredible journey so that you can experience what our Team has been creating at Commonwealth and the impact we make financially – for our clients and our community. We want to be a long term strategic partner in making your dreams a reality — but we don’t call it a dream, we call it a plan. Commonwealth is not here to be average; we are here to be awesome.