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We pride ourselves on being a certified woman-owned business and our commitment to including diverse businesses as vendors.

What we look for in a Diverse Supplier – Quality, Cost, Capacity, Reliability, Location, Agility, Customer Service and third-party certifications.

Our Mission – To develop a diverse supplier base that contributes to a strong and sustainable business model for all. Through advocacy and relationship building, our commitment to diversity and inclusion strives to create a positive impact within the communities where its suppliers operate.

To register and learn about supplier diversity & inclusion opportunities at Commonwealth, contact Denise Pugliese at or call 1-877-654-1500.

Diverse Classifications

The following categories are recognized as part of our GDIP Program:

    Doing Business with Commonwealth

    To register as a diverse supplier, please complete our GDIP Registration Form and submit it together with your Capabilities Statement and third-party certificate(s). Please note that completion does not guarantee future business.

    Download Registration Form

    Download Registration Form PDF