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Industry Challenges

This industry is operating in a post-digital world where technology is the fabric of reality. With adverse macroeconomic factors, such as the post Boeing 737-MAX crisis, fluctuating oil prices and showing global trade, adopting digital business models to meet increased demand, improve revenue generation, efficiency and supply chain performance. Additional challenges are in investing in more environmentally-friendly propulsion and autonomous-flight technologies. One technology is DARQ power – getting to understand the DNA of DARQ, such as distributed ledger, artificial intelligence, extended reality and quantum computing. Individually, they are powerful; together – game changing.


  • Machine Tools
  • Engineering Workstations
  • Industrial Precision
  • Printers
  • Servers
  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Audio Visual Equipment
  • Forklifts

Specialty Services Provided

  • I-TAD certified equipment dispositions
  • Accommodate a certain percentage of laptop return with no charge
  • We paid for return shipping of equipment in certain instances